About Us

We are a real & virtual world, open-source and proprietary business.

What we do...

In the Real World, we focus on the Development of our Micro Content Management System (CMS), Linux Server Management, General Scripting and over all consulting.

In the Virtual World we focus on scripting, utilizing the Linden Scripting Language (LSL), generating products for Commerce, Music & DJ's, Various Tools and our Affiliate program.

When you tie these two together, you get an eclectic, hybrid business model that is focused on the customer and the future of their companies.. PHP, MySQL and LSL equates to a Powerful Platform...

Our Services

Our top branded services that we currently offer

Server Management

No matter if it is your Web Server, Email Server or a CentovaCast Server, we have the expertise.


Depending on your needs, be it Server, Web Site or Small/Virtual Business immplementation, we have your back.


Our Flag Ship Product, we built it and know how it works, let us extend it, or install it, or update it for you.

Scripting Services

Utilizing PHP and MySQL and even LSL, we can create an extensive platform for you and your business. Get in touch with us for a quote.

Project Management

Let us roadmap your project for you then keep your development team on track and driven. This is part of our Consulting Service.

Delivery Management

In a Virtual World, product must be deliverable and be able to be re delivered. Our own service does this, we can build it for your business as well.

Our Team

The Top of the Kindom..

Scott Cilley


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Public Affairs

Contact Us

Snail Mail, Email, No Phones Yet.

11422 105th Ave SW, L1
Lakewood, WA 98498


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